.Net Image Processing library now available

This is a pet project which I’ve had around for a while now, which started off as a simple wrapper for GDI+ which allows you to create thumbnails from images. It’s turning into something a bit more than that, with an extensible filter framework where filters can be chained together. Also supports image conversion to/from Jpeg, PNG, TIFF, Bmp and GIF.

The idea is that over time I will be developing more and more filters which can be plugged in, with support coming for batch processing and asynchronous processing. Finally, the entire project is all open-source and free!

All the documentation for how to use it is all contained within the project homepage (there is more technical documentation to come), so without further ado here are all the links you need:

Nuget Support

What’s more, the project is also hosted on Nuget – so if you run Visual Studio 2010 with the excellent Nuget extension you can just install the project from there. The package name is Simplicode.ImageProcessor.

I would love to hear any feedback or issues you have if you use the library – you can get in touch with me directly or post a review on the project site!