.Net Image Processor v1.2 released!

I’ve just put another release out for .Net Image Processor, my image processing and resizing code library for .Net and GDI, which includes a number of new filters, including:

  • Greyscale
  • Sepia
  • Invert
  • Image watermark
  • Text watermark

The first three also introduce a small framework for applying any sort of single pixel-based filter (as opposed to kernal-based filters) where you can simply create an implementation of PixelFilter and supply your own algorithm for manipulating a single pixel (a blog post is forthcoming on this soon).

You can grab the latest version from the project homepage, or you can update the Nuget package from within Visual Studio. To see how to use all of the available filters, have a scan of the documentation.

So what’s coming next?

I’m looking into using a couple of third-party libraries for a couple of prominent issues:

Both of these issues will be looked at for the 1.3 release.